Sneak Peak Prototype Preview v2

There is a lot of thing I haven’t put in yet, so far this is what I can do.

So what news? Let see


Night? Indeed, in future there will be a mission that you must do at night. Like what?


Sneaking to YanderePai room? Probably, the key of this game is to escape from this world and Dev room might be a tips. Anyway to see it in better detail

  • Added Senpai Room at Night
  • Added Dev Room
  • Added School Entrance
  • Added Buggy Girl
  • Added Mysterious Girl
  • Added Stupid Joke

Discover it yourself!

  • Senpai Room at Night and Day
  • Dev Room at Night and Day

Additional Note

  • Most School Area is not ready yet but will in next preview update
  • This time I’ll focusing on Main School, something may differ
  • I’ll to keep every single RPG aspect so you will have fun and feel classic like any ordinary comic relief and look forward for coming joke.
  • This game might be a parody of something so be careful

Download here


In Progress!

Hello Guy! How are you? If you’ve been wondering how thing going for this game (not yet a game 😛 ), thing progressing steadily, I notice there is several people following this blog therefore I would like to say, thank you. Now let see how far I’ve made

Snip 1

Hmm?? What Happen?

Snip 2

Ohh!!?? We got a special guest here! Well, senpai-kun don’t know who is the “special guest” so she won’t make much appearance here, but still play an important role for the plot of the game.

So currently I’m trying to build the school map, it won’t be easy and taking a lot of time (since I’m cannot take this game for a full time) and will release a sneak peak of prototype preview where will represent most function of this game or how this game work soon!

Thanks for reading thi.. Ah by the way, you must have been wondering what the twin tail girl is doing under the tree.

Here what is happening.

Snip 3

You can download the first sneak peak prototype build at this page

Sneak Peak Prototype Preview 1



Hello guy! Finally prototype build is here! Now you can preview what is this game will gonna be! First of all, thanks to for the asset. This game won’t here without it!

Edit Ops, I forgot to export it with RTP data, I’ll make the update soon

Here the preview of it!


Now here the download link!

If that link don’t work, download it here!


If you receive an error download the RTP file here



When they release the Pokemon Go, (Sadly my country doesn’t support one 😦   ) It really bring memories about old game, I used to play Pokemon Emerald Version, it like, how nostalgic~ Suddenly it give me a weird/funny/brilliant/baka (Decide  Yourself) Idea

RPG, classic 2D Pixel art. I like 2D RPG Game, do you remember? Pokemon, Golden Sun, Harvest Moon, and even GTA. 2D Game is good what! Have you heard retro city rampage? YandereDev mention it once! Now you must have play Yandere Simulator right? Now imagine that game in 2D RPG mode, now that something, therefore I proudly present you,

 Yandere Simulator : Senpai Story

Where is the game? Well, when I write this article, I still haven’t start it yet. So wait for next post!

Edit: I already collected every useful resource and starting the development now! Expecting a prototype preview by end of August, follow this blog to for a latest update!